GIS analysis for publications and organizations

For the Winter 2022 issue of APA Economic Development Division's (EDD) News and Views, I geocoded the 2,023 members and found these heat map clusters in the Continental United States. There were some unexpected large clusters of members in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex as well as in Detroit, and other Rust Belt cities. As expected, there are many members on the East and West Coasts and in Chicago and Florida. This map gave the EDD leadership a better idea of who there audience is for programs and media content.

Maps for Journal Article on Gas Well Locations in Denton

Based upon my long-term interest in gas well drilling in Denton, Texas and the specific challenges that the community faced, I was co-author on a journal article in the Annals of Regional Science: Evaluating determinants of shale gas well locations in an urban setting in May 2020. I was co-author on this article with Dr. Jeffrey Rous, Dr. Myungsup Kim, Dr. Matthew Fry, Dr. Chetan Tiwari, and Dr. Murray Rice at the University of North Texas (Economics and Geography and the Environment Departments). For this article, I created the maps showing the locations of gas wells, other infrastructure, and

spatial analysis in Denton, Texas.